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But not by me, I took my oldest son Jacob out bowhunting yesterday afternoon to start out his second year and also second day bowhunting. I kept telling him it doesnt always happen the way his hunt folded out last year killing a great buck on the first day of bowhunting. Well he proved me wrong as he killed a great 8 pt on the his first sit for the year.
We got out early as i had to hang a stand above the 150 stand so i could hunt with him. This stand has a ton of history of bucks being shot out of it in past years and it just happens that they are all over 150.
We got set up nice and early and had deer moving almost instantly, as the after noon wore on we saw several does and fawns and a few small bucks. A little after 5 i mentioned to Jacob i cant believe all we have seen is a couple of forkies running around and told him of some of the bucks i have on camera on this farm, on cue Jacob gets all excited and mumbles big buck, big buck.
A nice 8pt was working his way towards us hitting scrapes and pissing all over everything, i grunted at him and he looked our way and proceeded to tear the piss out of a tree. I grunted again and he turned and came our way. When he was at 60 yards another buck entered the field 150 class 10pt. The 8 pt postured up and charged the 10. He pushed the 10 all around the field. I gave a snort wheeze and here he came, walked right to us and worked a scrap 5 yards in front of us. Jacob had to hold his bow at full draw for nearly 2 minutes before he gave him a good shot.
He hit him a little far back but cut an artery and the deer went 60 yards and fell in a pile.

Congrats Jacob! And I will echo your dads advice that it doesn't always happen like that! Enjoy it when it does though.
Nice!! Maybe the kid is just lucky?!?! :D I'd take him with you when you go next! :D Congrats to the young man...and dad too!
Might want to make all your sets doubles so you can take him along for good luck ;-)
Great buck congratulations!
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