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bino harness


I've always either slung the neck strap under one arm during shed season or used my muddy's built in holder when in the stand. Looking for something I can slap on and be moving say during turkey season or ground hunting late muzzy. I pretty much had my mind set on badlands bino harness but after reading some reviews I'm not sure now. What is everybody using?
I have a cabelas harness...I wear it during shotgun when I am running and gunning..its a little loose, but I wear it over a sweatshirt, and under a zippered jacket and never have issues if I am running with them on.. best buy I think I made was that harness imo
Ive got the badlands case and love it. The biggest thing for me is not getting junk on the lenses when climbing trees, crawling through the pine thickets shed hunting or getting water on them. I also like to just throw it in my truck and not worry about anything getting scratched up.

The one part I dont like about it is when it gets real cold the material inside can be a little noisy when taking out or putting in. Never had anything hear me from it.
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