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Black Hills Super Dink


To start I will say it has been a long time since I have posted here and it obviously is not an Iowa deer... I just follow the site. Several years ago while archery hunting in the Black Hills of SD I stumbled across a very good looking spot to rifle hunt. I say rifle because it is a powerline ROW and not many spots to set up with a bow. This year I finally drew my rifle tag and once I found out that good news I went to that spot and built a 5 star ground blind out of trees and what not gathered from nearby. I hunted reasonably hard during early season and seen several borderline shooter 130ish bucks (quite nice for the BHills) but let them go. On friday the 13th I finally got a chance to sit in my blind. Once I got settled in I hit my can call a few times and instantly started hearing noise directly on the other side of some real thick dead pine trees. After several minutes I wrote that sound off as squirrels and hit the call again. Right away I seen movement about 40 yards away behind the dead pines headed down hill towards me. The deer stopped at a small water puddle, got a drink and stood there for about 10 minutes. Finally it moved just right and I got a quick front view of antlers, all I seen was main beams well within the deers ears. That buck stood there forever! Finally he walked into the open and I got my first good view in profile, he was relatively tall 5 point. He kept quartering towards me and finally I looked at his body and I was stunned. This buck was a tank! I put my gun to my shoulder and he kept walking then finally he looked in my direction. I immediately thought 3 things, this buck had exceptional mass, that he was rediculously narrow, and that I should have had my bow as he was 25 yards away. This buck was a deffinate stud. I shot and he turned then ran straight away for 30 yards. The whole time he was running I could see a puff of steam from each side of his chest with each step. As I walked up to him I was in disbelief. He was hands down the biggest bodied whitetail I have ever seen and from the Black Hills! He dressed out at 187 lbs. He is right at 10 inches wide with a 5 1/2 base and a 5 5/8 base. He is the lowest scoring deer I have shot in 15 or so years but he is my favorite for sure. A 6.5+ year old deer scoring in at 119". My Super Dink.

That's a neat buck. Those beaded bases are a dead giveaway of his maturity. Thanks for posting.
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