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Blind window ? Open or shut


Do you guys keep blind windows open or shut then open once you are ready to shoot? In the spot I am at for bow hunting the quarters are tight…..standing corn is 40 yards from the blind. Everything 40 and in is cut.
Been busted opening a window before so bow hunting i always leave that main shooting window open. Late season with heater on, different story. Cost my boy a nice buck last year late season though trying to open a window. Does were to close already and they spooked taking 2 shooters with them.
I don’t hunt much out of ground blinds but if I need a window open to be able to shoot, I always open it beforehand. I’d rather be forced to sit still than chance spooking a deer opening a window.
Open, unless i'm trying to not freeze. Any enclosed blind i have is still set up to where i hunt it based on wind directions, so I'm not trying to use to to conceal scent. I only have them in spots i can't get a tree stand. However they do come in handy on some rainy days.

Like others, i have had does right on top of me and not ben able to open the windows. But mine are not elevated or only a few feet elevated. I'm guessing if i was 10 or more feet off the ground that opening windows would be a little easier.
I have used a blind with shoot through windows leave it all open but the mesh and fire right on through it with my bow.
Guess it depends what you have for a window? Mine are vinyl sliders and and make no noise when opening and I can open them slowly enough that I've had does 5 yards from the blind. The blind is elevated, if on the ground not os easy.
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