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Boone City Buck


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Apparently the City of Boone has some nice deer roaming their park system. A friend of mine sent me the pic of a buck found in their back yard less than 100 yards from Story St., which is the main drag through the middle of town. She said its appears to have been there for a while as the back end is eaten out of it, and the hair is pulling out. No sign of injury on this buck. Must have been an old deer. Any guesses on score?

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Unless I missed something badly, Boone and Crocket says this would score 125 1/8. Definitely smaller than he looks.
If the G3 was there he would gross score right around 148" so you missed something. Around 140" with out the G3.
Here is the breakdown of what I put into the Boone and Crocket website.

Points Right: 6
Points Left: 5

Tip to Tip: 11.5

Greatest Spread: 20.125

Inside Spread: 18.375

Total abnormal points: 1.25

Right Side:
- Main Beam: 21.125
- G1: 4
- G2: 8.125
- G3: 6.5
- G4: 2.25
- H1: 4.25
- H2: 3.875
- H3: 3.75
- H4: 3.5

Left Side:
- Main Beam: 20.25
- G1: 4.25
- G2: 8.75
- G3: 4
- G4: 2.25
- H1: 4.25
- H2: 3.875
- H3: 4
- H4: 3.625

I don't think I missed anything on there. He looks much bigger than 125 1/8" in person.
I just added your inches in my head gross looks over 130. Keep everything in 1/8ths as well in the future it makes it easier to add.
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