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Bought my First Farm


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Made an offer on a tract 2 days a go. And they called back this morning and accepted!!

Not going to release to many details, Because theirs a lot of things to iron out yet. Things I will share

Its a combination Timber/Tillable farm. Which works great for me because I love to hunt and farm.
I've hunted this tract before, and seen some big ol bucks. Several Pope and young deer, and 1 or 2 B&C bucks.
This tract is going to make a great Late muzzleloader season spot(Since I have the tillable and timber I can control the food source)

I'm excited about the Possibilities!!

The paperwork starts on Monday!
Congrats!! Your now on that slippery slope called land ownership And land management!! It's super addicting!! Have fun and enjoy it all!!

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Awesome. Bought our farm 2 years ago 40 acres with 1/2 timber/tillable. Went into a panic attack for about 6 weeks thinking what have I done. Now I think it’s the best purchase I have made and want to Add some more. Good luck with it all, you are in for some great times. Such a blessing to have a place you can call your own and don’t have to ask anyone for permission on anything,
Great combo . I like the timber and crop 50/50 farms.

Good luck!
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