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brothers buck


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Christmas day my brother texts and asks if I'm going out hunting. I wasn't able to and said no, so he said that he and his daughter were going to sit in the blind on the backside of the pasture where I live. It's about 700-800 yards away and is visible from the house. He wasn't really wanting to hunt that spot since it's typically a location where you just see does, but his daughter really wanted to sit there. My wife saw them get out of the blind well before dark so we just figured his daughter must have gotten cold and they left. A little but later my bro calls and said he hit a nice buck, didn't know how big but nice. It ran off and they went to take a peek over the hill and it got up and took off again. We figured since it bedded the first time within about 150 yards of where he shot it, it was probably a good hit. We decided to leave it until about 10 that night and go look since there was supposed to be some rain coming in. Long story short, we looked for probably 15 minutes before finding it. Ended up being bigger than what he thought. Sorry for the crappy pics. I taped it out at 147 2/8 gross. Clean 8 with a 1" point on one base.

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