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Bushnell Camera Warranty cut in half? 2 years to 1?


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Was ALWAYS 2 years on every cam I've ever got. Got other brands too but Bushnell's claim to fame for me was a little piece of mind knowing I for sure would get 2 years out of the cams. I have cams I bought even 1.5 years ago. At the time, 2 year warranty. But, looks like they've changed....

Am I missing anything? 1 year warranty? Not real comfy buying Chinese made products with 1 year warranties. Some other companies offer 2, even 5 year warranties now, Bushnell reducing - I think I'm done with those. Correct me if I have this wrong please.
Looks like it, but I hope not. I just bought my first Bushnell last winter. Just hung it a few weeks ago...not real impressed with night images
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