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Calm mornings


There's nothin like a calm cool crisp morning till you try and get to your stand. Every stick in the timber magically aligns under your feet every branch catches on your bow and pack. Lol sounded like a herd of elephants comin down through here this mornin. Good luck everyone who's out. Seein a lot of chasin and cruisin in Harrison county, mo the past few days.
I had 2 forkhorns chasin a doe around and fighting a little. Then at 730 guy on the neighboring farm drives back on his four wheeler and starts hollaring at his cows. Haven't seen anything since.
I was that way yesterday AM....figured I'd scared everything out of hte entire 3mi area. Ended up I wasn't even set up and a good buck came through while my bow was still on the ground. I think this time of year all bet's are off.
Yep, sometimes noise isn't bad. I walked in yesterday morning and had a spike at the edge of a draw, who then proceeded to walk in my direction. Thought I was going to get busted, but then he turned to go toward some does who had just popped into the bean field. I think he was curious to see what was making the rustling in the leaves (me). I've heard running to your stand this time of year also can work to make bucks think something is chasing. Not sure I could do that well with all the gear on my back! Probably be a slow, noisy chase!
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