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cold front/rain


bowhunt or die
Was wondering if anyone was hunting tonight and if this would get the bucks up and moving or would they be bedded down waiting for it to be over. Was just wondering if im wasting my time hunting tonight
Went out tonight. Same doe and her two yearlings came out at 40 yards. Shot at the doe to try and fill the landowner bow tag the landowner has for me to fill his freezer with. Looked back behind me right after that out into the cut cornfield and had 7-8 other does that had snuck out on the other side of a small hill in the field out at 250 yards. Friday night and Saturday are going to awesome!
I've seen Quit a bit of action last weekend. Been laying low the last couple days as it been 80 degrees. But this weekend will be the beginning of real movement I'm thinking. Not sure if ill hunt here or down in Lucas county. Still waiting to hear if my help is needed on the farm. Godda work off those hunting privileges.

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If I was a bett'n man, I'd bet that they will be on their feet this weekend. Some giants are going to die! Good luck to those who will be in the stand!
I'm going to try my hardest to get out friday night and hope to be out most of the day saturday and sunday. I'm thinking its gonna be some awesome hunting!
The deer were out in the food early this afternoon. I was in the stand for an hour tonight but saw plenty of deer feeding.
I'll be on vacation from Halloween to the 12th of November. From now until Halloween my wife has a Tag to fill and 2 doe tags. I get to sit behind a camera for a few days I believe. I hope she can get it done quick fast and in a hurry. This weekend Is going to be GOOD!
Saw a little chasing tonight, one of the first good bucks on the hoof during daylight (6pm). Otherwise less than moderate traffic the last few days. Pinning my hopes on Friday.
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