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COVID deer

Exactly- your dad was a very smart man. That is why when you see people endangering themselves and others you need to step up to the plate and tell them. I realize there is a few people on this site that don't need camo when they enter the deer woods because they come across as stumps. But at least you have to try. There I pulled your strings again jump on it. Some people have to be getting pretty sore lips- hook, line and sinker.
Answer me this. The vaccine mandate is to save lives of those that have not been vaccinated and some argue to keep the virus from mutating. Second argument is BS. Back to first argument, why hasn’t administration outlawed smoking!?!? 480,000 deaths annually in US, CDC numbers!!! Including about 41,000 second hand smoke deaths, again CDC numbers!! Coronavirus been in US for argument sake 1.75 years and currently Covid deaths 751 K or 431K per year. Smoking deaths are higher annually and will continue Covid will wane with natural immunity and vax smoking deaths won’t. Have you jumped on the ban cigarette bandwagon? How bout vaccinate all deer because they can get Covid? And also answer if you been vaccinated why are you concerned for those that haven’t, you can still catch from vaxxed person? But I am one of the dumb hillbillies with all my teeth in southern two tiers of counties! There are some really good people here too.
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On a different note I haven’t found any details on mortality in deer from Covid. Surely some die or are they carriers only? Sorry, my low IQ coming through.
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