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Creek Buck

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Too bad I can't get to him! 10+ft water in the middle of the creek. Wonder how big he is...


When you go for a swim make sure you have a buddy with you to videotape it. I'm sure I speak for everybody on the site, we want to watch!
Pull your car down to wear he's at (if your fields are frozen), make sure the heat is on good, get in there and get him! Then rush back to your warm car.
Aren't you a prize winning swimmer? :) Go get him before the creek freezes up or worse yet the levels come up and wash him away! ;)
My BIL's first bull elk landed in a pond just like that. I roped it for him but it cost him a bottle of TR :drink2: Get a rope & have at it. If you miss just throw again. He ain't going anywhere, at least until spring rains come. With a little luck all you will have to pull to shore is the head. It may just come unglued. Catfish & crawdads will take care of the rest of him. ;) Good luck...
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