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Dad scores a good one!


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As some of you guys know, in 2020 my dad decided to build a big pond through a watershed project and kicked the cows out of his pasture to try to make it better deer habitat. The last two years we have planted food plots and only hunted the edges of the pasture, trying to create a sanctuary when all other properties nearby get pushed a lot. Then last year on the last day of late muzzleloader season he passed a really nice 10. Same buck gave my dad an opportunity last night coming in to eat from the standing corn. The story gets a little messy from there after we bumped the deer both last night and again this morning as our hearts sank. In the end I snuck close enough to him to finish him off. Overall a great deer for this area and happy that dad gets to see the benefits of his management improvements. 


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Right now there there are trees but they are pretty spread out. Mostly burr oak with some shagbark hickory, hackberry and cherry. The trees that are there are mature but almost no young trees. The plan is to plant a bunch of trees and shrubs every year to make it thicker. It definitely looks different this year than last and should only get better. Deer are already figuring out that it is safer there than anywhere else close.
Great deer for anywhere! Congrats to you and your father. My family has a similar pasture that is likely getting rid of the cattle soon. I am hoping to turn it i to great whitetail habitat as soon as i can. Well done!
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