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DeSantis or Trump


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With so much conflict and hostility in our daily online lives i thought i would post a non conflict thread.:p.......

So which one do you want to be the next President? Again this is a no conflict safety zone

I am hoping for DeSantis this go around. For the last 2 years i have been hoping he would run. I like what he has done in FL and i think he knows how to get the agenda though the legislative process so actual chages occur. This is not a beat down on Trump i just think DeSantis will move the ball forward legislatively.

Remember this is a no conflict zone and if you need a safe area one has been created in the "items for sale" category.

Trump is his own worst enemy and wouldn't be able to get anything accomplished. Plus, he's responsible for Operation Warp Speed.
I would prefer the republican party find someone else. I voted for Trump twice but never again, he's all about himself. Trump could have been great, but he hurt himself. If he would have acknowledged his loss and ran again without all the drama he would have easily won again in 2024, now I'm not sure, we have to keep the dems out!
As brazen and criminal as the dems have become, I’d go Trump. For his ability to stand up and fight. Even though I honestly think Desantis has better ideals.

Not sure Desantis wouldn’t sway to the onslaught. But hope I’m wrong on that one.
We need a fighter for change. Anyone we put up will face the same barrage of crap that Trump dealt with for 4 plus years. It's called the swamp, and it desperately needs to be drained. We all know Trump will not back down or play the Dems and RINO political game. I will stick with the fighter and the leader that I know, which is hands down TRUMP.

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What worries me most is the fraudulent voting, without an accurate election it doesn't matter what we want.
I agree totally biggest thing is a fair vote and election. I think Trump would be a great president again if he can stay off Instagram. The biggest problem with Trump is he has pissed off so many people I think he needs to endorse someone and be done. I like DeSantis a lot with the way he has stood his ground the last couple yrs. I haven't done a lot of research but like what I've seen n heard atleast.
I like just about all the republicans running more than Trump. Can’t take another 4 years of him (although I definitely don’t think he can win anyway) and I’m not sure the country could either.
I want/wanted to believe in all of the election fraud stuff that was being thrown out there by Trump and some of the republicans but I just can’t get there. We had the President, the Supreme Court, and one of the chambers of Congress…..essentially ALL of the power and couldn’t get anything to stick? I mean if something concrete and credible could have been proven this country wouldn’t have voted for a democrat again for 30 years. Would have been check mate and yet nothing. As bad as I wanted that to happen it just didn’t.
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Now…. If we are doing “safe spaces” & we can behave…. IF IF IF someone wanted to make the case for Biden…. We have to welcome the dialogue respectfully. & I do mean that. & no, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of Biden fans. My great great great grandpa did vote for Biden in 2020 - so I do have family that does support him. ;). If anyone wanted to toss that in there- please be nice folks. After all- his kid is named “HUNTER”. :)

On a serious side note- i need to mention…. On the state level - iowa republicans are the main reason we saw all this crazy legislation this winter/spring. The days of accepting all views of all parties at all times is long gone!!!

But back to it …. I wanna watch this more & wont wade in …. Wanna see this play out a bit.
On a serious side note- i need to mention…. On the state level - iowa republicans are the main reason we saw all this crazy legislation this winter/spring. The days of accepting all view of all parties at all times is long gone!!!

It's so frustrating. Republicans can't be trusted for conservation and democrats can't be trusted for hunting or gun rights. The 2 party system sucks. I wish there were no parties and we could just vote for the individual.
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