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Double Split 10


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Story to follow. It's interesting.
Went out to sit in stand for South wind hoping to put down a doe. Saw plenty of action from 7:00-9:00 with 5 different 3.5s and a spike, along with a family group of does out of range. Tried rattling and grunting a couple of time later, just to give it one last effort for a buck. Decided to get down at 11:30 as it was dead and getting windy.

When I got to the crick that I needed to cross, I saw a doe running out of it 50 yards away to my right. She didn’t looked spooked, just running. I knew she couldn’t have smelled me. I got to the bank and see a buck standing in the crick looking toward where the doe had gone. His tongue was hanging out and eyes closing and just dog tired. I knew it was the buck that we have on camera showing just ½ of his rack.

I always wear my release out, and was able to sneak an arrow out of my Catquiver pack and nock it. He had no idea I was there. He was exhausted, looking at where the doe went, the wind was in my favor, and it was windy so he probably couldn’t hear.

He was about 20 yards quartering away. The arrow hit perfect and he had no idea what happened. He took a couple of steps toward the bank and just stood there. He finally went down and it still didn’t dawn on me on how rare of an experience this was. I smiled and squatted down just looking at him lying there.

I got up to him and was probably more appreciative than excited. He looked pretty run down and didn’t have much fat on him,a few battle wounds in different spots, and jizz running down his leg(no lie). I again just sat on the sandbar by him trying to figure out what had just happened.

He’s not my biggest, but it was probably the best experience that I’ve ever had. One of those things you hear about, but don’t think it’ll happen to you.
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