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% dropped antlers? Part of state, deer #’s & food?


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Think it varies by region a lot. & if u do or do not have food, etc. No doubt they dropping early where ive got cameras up. I’ll still wait long time to shed hunt but folks can chime in here over time on the progress. Generics of what area & any details like “no food left” or “high or low deer numbers, etc.....

I’m south of Des Moines. Plenty food. Medium deer #’s. As of TODAY, I’m guessing 45% have dropped. Other areas I know of some friends - super high % but lacking food.
My neighbor has found 12 here in SE Iowa. I’ve found 3 without even looking for them, was ice fishing. Took in 5 deer last few days of the season where both sides dropped after the shot. This ice pack seems to have accelerated the shedding in my area, but it’s probably the same as every year.
Side note anyone know how much snow is on the ground now in Van Buren county? Internet is telling me two inches but not sure I believe that as reliable.
Probably 20% dropped in early January around my farm south of Pella. High population in my area and no food other than crop fields. All of the corn fields in my area had tillage work this fall and the deer are not feeding in them like normal winters. The alfalfa and grass fields are getting hammered, one neighbor has 50-70 deer in his alfalfa every night.
I antler missing out of 20 different recognizable bucks on one property in NE iowa and that may have been broke off a while ago vs shed. Gonna stay in where it's warm for a few more weeks as seems no point to be looking yet over here.
I went out walking Saturday. Found 1, but also bumped a group of 8 bucks, all holding. Not much for food other that browse in this area.
A buddy and his wife asked if they could sit in my cabin n watch deer.
She like to photograph wildlife.
They got there at dark/thirty Saturday morning, got the Firestone cranked up and waited for daylight.
Seen 9 bucks out the back window. Max viz is about 110 yards.
All 9 still with both sides.
Couple real dandies.
I finally saw my 1st shed buck on Tuesday night. I took my cams down at the beginning of the month so there's probably a few more around.
Guessing 70% dropped in my area, mahaska county. Picked up a fresh 4 point side last night when I fed the deer out back.
central iowa. I found a matched set Friday in the one hour I have between getting off work and when it gets dark. Large group of deer in this timber 30-50. Saw probably 5 bucks with both sides, easily could have been more, I didn't have binos with me and they got up well ahead of me.
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