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DWGH Farm Projects Thread 2019

Its that time of year, heres link to previous year thread
DWGH Farm Projects Thread 2018

Ive done a bit of TSI but this afternoon i planted 50 cedar seedlings from MDC nursery, 200 more to go plus 100 persimmons. This series of trees will serve as an access screen in 4-5 years to get to one of my blind locations. I went ahead and put some tubes on these for visibyand some herbicide protection as they will be in close proximity to the sprayer. Ill likely need to touch up this edge with backpack sprayer the first year at least. It was a muddy booger today.
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I have been slacking of the farm thread this year. I planted corn 4/13/19 and finished the beans yesterday 4/21/2019.
Cant wait to see them pop up in a week or so.
beans planted 2019.jpg
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What were you settings on the No Till Planter. I just bought a new one and will be planting with it for the first time this weekend. I will be planting both corn and beans.
I have them written on the inside of the lid to help me remember before planting.
Gear box 3
Seed rate handle 32
Seed cup position 3
I calibrated this shooting for 50# per acre and it came out at 53 so I figured that was plenty good enough.
Here are pix of the plot last summer.
beans 8-12-18 #2.jpg
beans 7-30-18 3.jpg
beans 7-30-18 2.jpg
beans 7-30-18 1.jpg
I finally decided it was time to give a couple fruit trees a try. My buddy owns a nursery and even offered to help me plant them. 2 honeycrisps and 1 empire apple. They are not far from my pond so will be easy to water. Hopefully they will bear some fruit in 8-10 years.



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Checked on the crops and the native spray application from last night. Dogbane milkweed does not like Remedy Ultra! Amazing how quickly it responds, along with the marestail and Sericia.
spray 3.jpg
spray 1.jpg
spray 2.jpg
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