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Fawns dropping!

At 205 days gestation, that mama conceived October 27th!
How rock solid is that gestation period? I ask because a number of years ago I had to mow my CRP and was doing so, under a time extension, in early May, like the 6th-10th, and we ran into some fawns. We were able to steer around them, but there were at least 3 and I was surprised to see them that early. Up to that point it was around mid-May before we started seeing them.

If it was just one I would have chalked it up to a fluke. Deer populations were very high at that time, as high I think they ever were, FWIW.
If deer are anything like cattle, ten days early is common. Multiple births are earliest, females before males, single male births have the longest gestation (on average).
I was cutting a grown-up cereal grain plot last week and bumped a newborn out. He could barely trot off being so young. I was watching real close for them while cutting.
I’ve said the past few years- I’ve had better “rut” hunting the last 2 weeks in October than I have had in all of November. But now say 8-10 years ago, I’d take November any day.
In 40 years, I've never seen this .
Does usually give birth (majority) may 25_ June 5thish.
It appears most have calved out already.?

Last fall, I also seen more hard-core rutting activities last few days in October. Wierd.
Edited too add..., I can't help it.
I just have to do it every year when fawns are dropping.
Set the FoxPro out and turn on fawn distress.

Good God, them old does come unglued. Lol.
No trail cam pics yet, but came across the first fresh sign last night!


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Outside work today as I was leaving.

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Finally got a pic of a fawn that's a little frisky. Have to check more cams. The hay fields are really high this year with the perfect growing season.

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