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February Hunting season…. Found my target!!!!


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Hunting hard!!!! Got this mature beast on camera feb 13 @ 10:46 am. I feel like this is a Boone & Crockett class trespasser & thief. So stoked & im hunting right now. ;). Famous on our social media page & Decatur co. Ripped off my cameras & couple other things but missed this camera!! OOPS!!!!
I was doing the cedar removal about 1/2 mile away while this happened. Doah!!!!
Matter of time. Decatur co iowa. Got this pic across whole county so the hunt is on! :)

Been thieves & crooks forever. Always will be. But it’s nice to get them weeded out. I seriously don’t worry about this stuff too bad. Really at all. Want my time on land to be enjoyable & relaxing & I don’t want worrying to take away from that. Take the time to hide cams & keep them out & if there’s an issue - make sure it gets taken care of. & it will.

These trespassers are brave with all the cell cams out there these days. I hope you catch him and prosecute to the fullest extent possible! I totally understand what you mean by not letting it bother you, and just enjoying your land.
This is the thing I do not understand anymore- do people really not know cell cameras are a thing or are they literally that stupid yet? I have people try to sneak into my piece all of the time from the back side, it just amazes me when the answer is "I didn't think you would know" as they walked past a cell camera...
Issue I see is as a hunting community your hurting another hunter , why would you do that to a resource and people that represent what you stand for .. Irritating , I hope you nail his rear end .. Sad world this is a grown adult not a kid not that would justify it. I stand corrected he's not a hunter or one of us ..
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Well- had my friends with the police forensics department really clear the picture up. U know- all that cropping & zooming & clearing the pixels on their fancy computers….. clarified the image…. Yep- it’s Curtis. Busted again!!!!!!!
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