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Found him 2 1/2 months later


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Back in November I shot a decent buck that walked under me that would have been my first ever deer with a Bow. Followed his trail and never did find him. Spent two days looking for him and nothing. Last week while shed hunting the owner the of land found him clear up in a brush pile along the river with my arrow in the body- he cut off the horns and here they are. After looking at him- i wish I would have waited for this year cause he had great potential to become a monster.
some reason it is not working- can someone upload it from my pictures for me- it is the one of the guy in the dirty bird hoodie holding them in front of him-

Heck of a first buck.
Thanks! yeah he has a lot of character! hard to tell but the left side of the pic has a webbing and 2 more points you cant see. I have a larger deer from gun season- but much more of a rush with the bow. I ended up getting a buck later with a bow, typical 10- but this guy was much more unique. Thanks again Thinkin Rut!
sucks he cut the antlers off and didn't take the skull. Still could have made a euro mount. Congrats either way.
He is a great buck. If you have the stuff to pass a nice one like that becuase you know he'll put more on next year you are ahead of most of us.
Thanks guys. I actually let the farmer keep the antlers - just wanted pics. He has been wanting a nice set to hang for decoration on his wall as he is not a hunter and has been asking if I had any extra. Figured it was the least I could do!
That's pretty cool of you to do :way: It would be hard to give up a buck that you had killed, but it's those kind of gestures that will keep you hunting there. Good stuff.
I am very lucky to be hunting his l and with nothing asked from him- and this is not by any means the largest deer I saw this year and I am only 27 years old- MANY more bucks to come:) and he is going to put in a food plot for me just so he can play on his new tractor!
i have never seen where someone has cut the antlers off seperatley like that???
looks nice otherwise
That was a really nice buck. Like already mentioned too bad he didnt just take the skull so you could make a nice euro, but at least you have the horns.
Yes we were close. Less than 10 yards from where we ha walked but the farmer said he was clear up in the brush pile and only found him cause the Dogs smelled him.
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