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frost seeding


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Thinkin of frost seeding clover next week maybe switch too. Can it be too cold to do this? Can low temps hurt the seed?
Clover: https://www.iowawhitetail.com/forum/threads/clover.15076/

& check out the switchgrass thread.

Both can be frost seeded any time. Both r “heavy” hard seeds that will make it to soil as long as it’s not chalked full of trash. The freezing & thawing of soil will create a very desireable seed to soil contact that’s needed. Perfect timing now & in the next few weeks. Switchgrass- id do this NOW! U need stratification to take place on switch seed (freezing & thawing to break down hard seed coating so seed will germinate this year). Clover u have a little more time. Do it all now though & ur fine.
Just frost seeded a clover plot today. We're due to get snow tonight, grounds soft due to rains this week so it should work. I did it last year this time and it came in thick.
I'm in western Maryland
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