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I picked up a Garmin Etrex 20 around the first of the year and it's pretty simple to operate and all you really need. It also seems pretty rugged and well built.
I have an etrex as well...mainly use it for ice fishing, but it is indeed easy to use and reliable.

Garmin GPSmap 62st. Lots of functions on it with downloadable maps with Birdseye satellite imagery
I've got the Garmin Etrex Venture HC and love it. Used it quite a bit this past elk season in the mountains out here and it was great.
I run a Garmin Dakota 20. I would make sure whatever you buy will accept external mini-SD cards. The reason being is it's much easier to load other maps that way. And, if you ever go out west you can buy a chip to install to show you the public/private boundries. That's the main reason I bought my GPS.
Garmin Oregon 450T.. A very similar unit to the Dakota 20, but it came with pre-loaded maps.

I really love the 450T, and if you watch for cabelas sales, they usually have awesome prices on the garmin GPS units, especially lately since garmin came out with a new line recently stores are selling off their older models..
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