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Hard luck season?


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I'm glad alot of you are having a great season, but I wonder if there are any hard luck stories out there. It seems I'm a marked man this year,from an arrow falling off of the rest, to being winded by a fabulous 10 pt. ( at 15 yards ), you name it, it's happened. But don't worry I won't give up!! There's always late muzzleloader, right?
I wouldn't wait until late season, I would be out there now! The rut is still on and there are plenty of young does being chased.On Wednesday morning I rattled in a nice 8 pointer...shot him with my Nikon at 10 yards.

Late season is cold and difficult, and as Limb Chicken says "Go Early, Stay Late".

Hardluck? Yea I know what you mean. I missed a nice 10 pointer so far this year. I have also seen a few shooters from my stand, but the cards just have not fell into place. I will not be stopped though, because the weekend after Thanksgiving I always seem to see the biggest bucks. So get ready because Sat. I will be in my stand for as long as I can stand it.
Hard luck I have been hunting this monster for the past four years every year he has come in to shooting range and I have either hit a twig or he just does not give me a good shot. This year I had him at 15 yards, broad side I drew back at him and could not see out my peep sight, some how it flipped over. I tried to peek around the side of the sight and ended up shooting over him. Seen him again last night at about 60 yards, he just would not come in. Tried a soft grunt he looked over and just walked away, this bow hunting is just so frustrating. Got to love it or it will drive you crazy.
Reference the above post,

Here is a pic of the 8 pointer I rattled in...

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