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looking to buy a new headlamp. I am going to be doing a lot of hang and hunts so I need something really bright. What do you guys recommend that is really bright and somewhat affordable?
Walmart has good lamps for around 12 to 15 bucks. I usually try to get them with red or green lights plus the white so you can have more options. I just cover the light with my fist if I have to cycle through it.
I have a streamlite with green, one white or three white. Very bright. Was under 20$ I use the green most of the time.
I have a black diamond storm. It has red green or regular white light. A little spendy, but makes a big difference to have a good bright light available when you need it and the convenience of green and red lights. Its probably 5 times brighter than my $10 walmart headlamp.
I just bought a new one from amazon after looking and deciding FOREVER. Why didn't you post this a week earlier :)
XKGLOW spot and flood. I think it's retractable which might come in handy and the light is green...shoot I think it's green only. I can let you know how I like it, should be here soon.
I like green for walking in, but green hasn't worked for tracking at all, can't see blood. White can't be beat for that, although I use a lantern for that.
I just use a cheap Walmart energizer . I think it's on year 5 or 6 . Super handy in the garage when your wrenching in stuff too .
Cheap walmart energizer is my suggestion as well. IMO you'll want red or blue and NOT as bright... unless your goal is to be seen by every deer, turkey, and hunter within 5 miles when you're walking in.
So debate here then? Which color is best for less detection from the illusive whitetail? I always thought red and have used red for a while only now to learn that green might be best. Blue I thought deer saw especially well. Or only hunt on full moons and you're good
I believe blue is the color deer see most vivid, I like green for two reasons eyes re adjust quickly to the dark, and I believe animals don't pick it up as well. Red LED's on cams deer clearly see? But they say red is a color deer see the worst? I like the fact I can re adjust with green if I shut my light off quickly
Yeah, I'm reevaluating my post, I use green now that I think of it. And in doing that I usually cover the end with my hand and let a fraction of the actual beam come out.
looking to buy a new headlamp. I am going to be doing a lot of hang and hunts so I need something really bright. What do you guys recommend that is really bright and somewhat affordable?

Really bright & affordable. I just bought one of those Atomic Beam headlamps for $20 @ walmart, in the "as seen on tv" isle. I have been using it fishing at night & am impressed to say the least. It has a variable beam width from a tight spot to a wide flood & wherever inbetween, you can set it on full power, 1/2 power & strobe. It runs on 3 AAAs, battery pack is on the back of your head. 1/2 power is brighter than any other lamp I've had, and the width of the full flood is crazy & the spot is very bright even from a long ways out.

But I don't use lights during bow season. My cousin thinks I'm part owl. But if I absolutely needed a light, I have a walmart Energizer that works good enough.
I bought a Petzel that is a 250 lumen, I do not remember the model right now. Has white and red lights. The head "band" is a wire that retracts and makes it easier to stach and not get hung u in pockets. I also have a simple model that has a red lens that flips up and down, it is not as bright but works just fine.
I'll only bring mine if I know it's a stand in the woods , the rest I go by moonlight . Turkey hunting is all moonlight for me .
I had a stylus by streamlite that was the best. About the size of a #2 pencil. Had a push button light so when you let off it went out. Green. Haven't been able to find a replacement, til last week was at carquest of all places and they had them. Took 4A batteries. I find a light is better than stumbling around braking branches.
Always heard fenix lights were really good but pricey. I stick to the nightstick or streamlight. My nightstick headlamp has a very wide angle (&surprisingly dim) red and white, and one hell of a main beam. I stick to the red wide angle if I absolutely need a light.
I have a small clip on with 3 green LEDs that goes on the hat bill. Not the brightest, but worked for me. Clip broke, so started to carry it in my hand. On multiple occasions I was able to walk in and see deer eyes light up, stop, pull up the binos for somewhat night vision, and see a buck standing about 20 yds away. Each time was pretty cool. I have a couple others that have white and red LEDs, and I think one has "bloodtracker" which is kind of purple.
Petzel. Bought one for my first elk hunt over 10 years ago and still working perfectly. Only way to go if you want something that will last.
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