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Help on my fall food plots


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I have trouble with my fall plots. I mow them down wait 2 weeks then spray with heavy dose of roundup max. Wait 2 weeks disc up and seed. But there is a wild rye that just keeps coming back. It will come back and take over my turnips. Going to try and spray my plots this summer before i mow and then again late summer to see if that will kill it. Thoughts?
Try discing first then let it green up. Spray glyphosate (RoundUp) & then plant. By discing after spraying you are just stirring up dormant seed that is still viable & there is no end to that.
Does your first dose kill everything? What sort of rates are you using per acre on the roundup? Generally, I try to be around 2 quarts per acre of the 41% glyphosate available at a bomgaars or tractor supply.
Evidently the rye is headed out with viable seeds before your mowing...think you are spot on when you reverse the order and kill plant growth before mowing and also DO PRIOR to any seeding out. this should help make the mowing easier also! If trouble with any weeds early (like in next few weeks) mow it but allow a week or ten days regrowth before you spray with glyphosate. Happy plotting
keep the area dead all summer and hand seed and roll. by discing it, we are guaranteeing new weeds. Good luck!
My protocol usually has me planning to spray clethodim & crop oil about 2-3 weeks after planting turnips to kill Any grasses. Sometimes it's not needed but often it is. Solves issues of any grasses or volunteer rye (like above, don't let ur rye get to seed it at all possible but u may have lots in soil), etc.
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