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Human Urine

Many times every sit. I’ve watched them react many different ways. Same way I’ve watched deer react to store bought scents. Some like it,some don’t give 2 shits, and some get nervous.
Ive been packing a go bag for my hunts this year.. This is my first year every bow hunting deer ive always done shotgun season or bow turkey... i feel like im hard core messing up my hunts by peeing off the stand using calls the wrong way or not using the proper scent control.... i alway shower dead downwind before a morning hunt and dirve out and pray myself down again when i get out.. and ive been using the conquest scent control products... ive had plenty of does come within range and the bucks are just outside of bow range.. and the bucks have been coming by my trail camera on public land like craxy when im not around..
I say let'r rip.

To them, I feel like piss is piss. I just don't see how deer could ever differentiate between all the types of urine they come across in their day-to-day lives. There are so many critters taking a leak in the woods... squirrels, coons, coyotes, bobcats, opossum, mice, cattle... so many.
Anytime I feel like going I go from the tree! I’ve literally pee’d in front of a mature doe under my tree and never had an issue.
I have a pvc pipe urinal set up in the blind that dumps out next to it. Had deer walk right through the area it dumps out. Even used it while having deer feeding 5 yards from the blind and nothing.
Years ago my wife and I use to trail ride horses at elk rock during the rut, awesome seeing all the rutting bucks. I hopped off my horse to take a leak, the horse would do the same, looked up mid stream and some poor guy was up a tree 5 yard’s away in a climber. I still feel bad about that.

Taking a leak out of a tree never bothered me when I bow hunted

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For the most part, in small doses, I don't think it has any negative effect. However, if you do an all day sit and are well hydrated that may be another story. I've climbed down after several all day sits and if I can smell it, then so can the deer. If you're playing the wind, then it's a not a problem imo.

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