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Hunters Smokehouse


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I just returned from Hunters Smokehouse with a bunch of very tasty products. Waylon has a very nice setup and it was done in a timely manner. I didn`t take pictures but look at his Facebook page for more info. If you have never tried the Hunters Smokehouse recipe give it a try you won`t be disappointed:)
Thanks for the report/recommendation. Will gladly give Hunters Smokehouse some business. Really like getting back what I put in!!!
I have all my deer boned out amd froze right now. Where is Hunters Smokehouse located? Also what do you guys get made there?
He is located south of Ackworth. This year I had regular Bologna and Summer Sausage made. I also had him make 10# Summer Sausage with pepper jack cheese and jalapeños and 10 # Bologna with Cheddar Cheese and jalapeños. I didn't have any deer sticks made this year but he makes several different kinds. All of his products are on his Facebook page. Sorry if I'm making you guys hungry:D
Thanks, I always like to try some new things. Right now I take mine to Orhts Smokehouse up by New Hampton.
Sounds like I may need to make the drive down!!if I were to take a deer what would be a few things that are must have from him? As he is almost 3 hrs away
Sounds delicious! For those up in the NW corner of the state, you'll find similar products at Babcock's locker in Alton. We've tried lots of different things from them, but our two favorites over the years are bacon cheeseburgers and cheese sticks...the mild flavor.

Hands down the best deer I've ever gotten back. Their deer sticks (cheese and jalepenio, bbq, honey bbq, etc.) are amazing and would pass by as "non-deer" for anyone who says they don't like deer. And their summer sausage reminds me of a honey glazed ham. Super delicious! I'd drive from Ames to drop my deer off there. Good thing we group hunt around Red Rock, and it's not too far.
^^^ When I received my first batch of Summer Sausage 3 years ago it was good but now I have grown to like it a lot. The taste is different from any that I have eaten and that is my favorite.
The kicker for me is you get your own meat back. I don't want my batch made with a gut shot deer that was found the next day, or a bunch of coagulated bloody meat, or part of the wind pipe or hind leg tendons:eek: and the list goes on:D
Dropped off some deer at Hunters Smokehouse. Looking forward to some tasty treats in a week or so. Thanks for the recommendation.
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