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HuntnChick's 2015 Buck!

Well done and I'm sure many more in your future!! I was shooting dinkers at your age and never even saw a buck like that. Wow- well done!!
What a story - congrats young lady. You have a lot of things figured out in life at a young age - how to tell a good story, love and respect for the outdoors, passion for something, respect for your parents, and most important a love of the Lord. Thanks for sharing. :way:
Congrats to all of you....super nice buck, great pics and story.

No doubt. it is apparent that you folks have treasured the moment....as an oldie, I can tell those memories will normally last a lifetime.
I'm not sure I like the precedent of you having your own account, Allison. As soon as I show this to Sydney, she's going to be hammering me for her own account! :)

I enjoyed reading this story and your FB post. That is a great buck and I love the story! You have accomplished so much and I'm proud to know you and call you my friend. And thanks for being such a role model for Syd and other gals!

Maybe I'll stop in to work tomorrow and say hi real quick!
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