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If We Build it....Will They Come ?

I just shoot in the bowhunter class. Wont make it this weekend, still looking for sheds. I do like that Mahaska ikes has those couple shoots in September, seems the majority of shoots are done for the year by the time September comes.

We will have one in August and September this year also. :)
I see. Well i'm not quite that advanced yet. As long as i'm consistently getting 8's and 10's i'm happy. Usually get a few 12's sprinkled in. I have got a lot better the past few years, finally broke 400 last September at Mahaska county ikes
This is correct. It is scored as a 10. Looking at the above photo, with ASA the shooter has to call the top ring if he/she is going to attempt to land an arrow in it. If the shooter shoots low they fall into a ten. The bottom ring does not need to be called, if the shooter shoots low the likelihood of scoring an eight is greater than with the top ring. If that makes sense. In a nut shell the bottom ring is riskier to shoot at.

ASA also has a speed limitation on bows depending on what class. Keeps the playing field level. Also why you don't see top shooters shooting bows that are blistering fast. I believe 280-290fps is the limit.

Great explanation on ASA scoring. The Delta McKenzie targets are "universal targets" that have the ASA high and low 12 and the IBO 11 ring. They can be used for both organizations scoring formats. And yes different classes have different speed limits.

Also......Delta McKenzie targets are made in Dike, Iowa. Their plant used to be in Reinbeck, Iowa. They had a fire that destroyed the main building a few years ago and they relocated in Dike.

Here is a good video about ASA scoring.

Here is an article I wrote for the City of Paris. For archers and spectators that have never been to the Pro/Am or even if you have been before here is an overview of the Southwest Shoot-Out.

2018 ASA Southwest Shoot-Out

The ASA Pro/Am Tour will return to Paris, Texas for the 12th year on April 5-8 for the Easton Southwest Shoot-Out at the Love Civic Center.

My wife, Tracy, and I have been so fortunate to be able to be a part of the evolution of The Southwest Shoot-Out. Since the first time we were invited to Paris in the summer of 2006 for the planning stages of this event the city leaders have opened their arms and hearts to make this archery event a reality in Paris. The City of Paris and the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce work harder every year to make this event bigger and better.

ASA stands for Archery Shooters Association which is a 3D tournament organization based in Kennesaw, Georgia. The ASA hosts 7 national Pro/Am events around the country. ASA also has 34 state federations that host state level 3D events and state championships. An ASA national Pro/Am is a huge 3D archery tournament that will have as many as 2000 shooters competing for cash awards, buckles, plaques and bragging rights. Archers from all over the United States will travel to Paris for this event. ASA is a family oriented organization that has shooting classes for archers from 6 years old to 80+ years old. All skill levels and different types of archery equipment will be represented by ASA shooters. The ASA Southwest Shoot-Out is truly an archery festival that features continuous archery fun. Archery equipment vendors travel from all parts of the country to ASA Pro/Am events to set up booths and sell their products. The vendor area is always popular with the shooters and spectators alike.

Events included in this year’s Southwest Shoot-Out will feature the Scottie Norrel/Zebra Strings Team Shoot on Thursday. This is a fun team event that includes four amateur shooters paired with a professional archer. Each team gets to discuss how far the target appears to be. Then all five members shoot the target and the four highest scoring arrows are scored. This event is very popular with the shooters because everyone enjoys getting to shoot with a pro and meeting other archers from all over the country.

On Friday there is a second bonus team shoot sponsored by Zebra Trophy Bowstrings. This shoot pairs five amateur shooters together. They again discuss the yardage and score the best four out of the five shooter’s arrows.

The professional archers shoot their competition rounds on Friday and Saturday culminating with the Pro Pressure Point Shoot-down at 4:00pm on Saturday to determine the champions. The amateur shooters shoot their 20 target competition rounds on Saturday and Sunday.

Other fun events include the Limb Saver Known Distance competition which runs on Thursday thru Saturday morning and a long shot competition.

Archers from Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas have the opportunity to compete in a fun and bragging rights event called the Red River Shoot-Out that will be held on Saturday evening. The archers participating in this event qualify thru their state federation events. This event will be held at 5:30pm Saturday immediately after the Pro Pressure Point Shoot-down.

ASA Pro/Ams as well as ASA state level events bring families and friends together for great archery fun and fellowship. Come out and join in the fun at the ASA Southwest Shoot-Out.
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