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A while back, someone posted about buying an AR-15 from a local company somewhere in SW Iowa (I think it was SW).

My wife told me all she wanted for her birthday (last week) and Christmas this year is all of the carpeting replaced with hardwood (laminate, actually) floors. What Mamma wants, Mamma gets!

So now I'm thinking about getting a newer AR for a toy in the near future. I have a Vietnam style AR-15 (original flash suppressor, even), but I want a modern M4 style. I'm looking at RRA and DPMS, but I wanted to check out the Iowa company. I remember looking at their website back when whoever it was posted about it, but I can't find the link and I can't find it in the forums. Much appreciated!
Thanks, guys! Those are some good looking rifles and the price is right in line with what I was thinking!
They use to do custom engraving to presonalize it but dont know if they still do anymore. I went with the RRA ATH. Best for the $$ I.M.O. They are usually cheaper at the gun shows then ordering straight from them.
I had my sons custom engraved with his birthday and initials for its serial #. I did dress his up with magpul furniture. I don't know if they would do that there or not. Worth the $ imo.

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How much extra is the engraving? Someone else on here posted a picture of a seriously sick looking custom paint job. Was that you, Cooter? If so, can you send me a pic again? When the time comes, I think I've convinced myself to spend my money back in Iowa with a local company rather than a bigger name company.
Yeah here are my two my mobile photobucket doesn't seem to work right so sorry about the small attachments. Don't quote me but I think custom serial was $50 and if you want other engraving on the lower I think it was $150. I worked a price on a packaged deal so I don't remember exact prices for each thing. The picture of son's if before the furniture upgrade.

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The one on the right is the one I remember vividly. Is that on their website? That is SWEET!!

I'll trade you my lucky wrist sling for it! It's a WIN-WIN!! :D
No it's not the one on the site.

I suggest calling if you have questions. I emailed them first with no response.

They are a small mom & pop company. But will do what it takes to make their customers happy.( they have for me)

Not saying they are the best AR cause they are the only one I have ever handled to compare. I know I like mine.

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Thanks, Cooter! I'll give them a call when I'm ready.

So was that a no on the trade I offered? :drink2:
Define fully guided. I'm not a licensed guide in AZ (or anywhere), so, technically, I can't take payments and be an official guide. If you get a tag, I know several good areas, have a good camper, and can get some food real quick (most of it edible). I'll go along and show you those areas, glass with you, help you get any animal out, and even do most of the cooking because I'm a hella-nice guy. If that meets your definition, come on down. If you happen to leave that AR behind, I guess that's ok, too! :way:
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