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It's a wrap 2020


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The legislature adjourned this afternoon. I'm still trying to piece everything together that was passed or didn't pass this year. I'll post an update to this thread when I get it figured out. I know conservation minded deer hunters in Iowa took a beating on the straight wall/necked cartridge issue but that was about the only negative for deer hunting in Iowa.
Thanks Bonker. Folks- time to ponder what just happened and take a lesson..... we have to be ready and proactive vs reactive. Need more energy, action & organization. Lot of folks did a lot of good things over the last year. Thank u for emails, calls and action. Let’s be ready for the future onslaughts and folks that wanna pimp out our great and fragile resources.
If your senator voted yes for HF 716 send them a email expressing your dissatisfaction on their vote. The session is closed for the year but many are up for re-election this year.
After several years my senator is still very unsociable :rolleyes:
Hey Bonk is she a real person??
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Hey Bonk is she a real person??

I met her once last year in the rotunda. We were talking about the forest reserve program. So yeah, she is a real person. I came away from that brief meeting with an overall favorable impression. She didn't seem like a pandering politician. But no replies to your emails is concerning.
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