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IW podcasts in 2022…


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Had request to put this up in one spot with all of them. The folks who have been around here for a while or who know me personally know that I’m the opposite of the “look at me” type person. Or out there trying to sell some product or any have any hidden motives. These podcasts were 100% to:
1) help younger hunters
2) help new or future new land owners
3) protect iowas regulations
4) the one thing I did “promote” was this site- iowawhitetail. Which, again, is here for others & not to sell things or push anything.
5) protect iowa and KEEP IOWA GREAT!!!
6) help with habitat, conservation, hunting tactics, management, etc.

Here in one spot:

Iowas regulations & other states regulations & potential:

#2 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-land-podcast-the-pursuit-of/id1572511098?i=1000576928107 & also on Spotify, etc. “Jake hofer, the land podcast”.

Protecting iowa, Nine Finger Chronicles (also on Spotify, etc):

Hunting the rut & tactics, Wired To Hunt (sorry in advance - I drove my self nuts with the “UM & Ahhh”) but hopefully good helpful info otherwise. Also on spotify, etc etc. (This one starts like 25 mins into it).

Again- I discussed Dbltree, iowawhitetail, the knowledge & community here, etc. This is 100% to help other folks. Hope it does.

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