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Land value chart over time for iowa...

Since I finally got my password reset, I missed this thread back in March.

A couple of my personal thoughts...

1. The US population in 1990 was 250M in 2020 is was 331M. The amount of land is not increasing.
2. These hunting "reality" companies are sharp. They are well financed speculators and they understand land value and income potential. These guys miss nothing and they have the ability to get the word to many clients in a matter of minutes thanks to technology.

Case in point, a friend was promised a crack at his grandmothers farm, which was surrounded by wealthy NRLOs. A known CRP contractor knocked on her door with a lucrative CRP maintenance contract to manage the CRP for a reasonable price. At that time I told him that contractor was connected to a well known "reality" firm and that land is as good as gone. Sure enough, 18 months later she told him he had to remove all his stands and blinds as the new land owner was taking possession in 4 months. I'm certainly not insinuating any wrong doing but rather offering my opinion that the game has changed and these speculators have moved themselves into the mix as middlemen. I had a person known for buying and selling tell me once that when you develop an emotional attachment to the dirt, you'll never make money. It's too late for me, i'm attached...

I have accepted that I will never sell my land willfully. That said, if we continue down this rathole of "progressive/liberal" or whatever we want to call these garbage economics theories and thought processes, we may be forced to sell out due to property taxes and big insurance. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment in owning dirt that cannot be replicated and I hope all young folks on here get that opportunity.
Do not sell out, if they get the land, our country is over. I think many people assume a "land grab" by socialists will never happen, and not in the US, but do not be so confident. I expect in my lifetime we will see socialists discuss "common" or commune land for everyone. There is already a Democratic sponsored bill out there to give black farmers free farm land.
My family's farms were sold long before I was around, though I've been able to pick up my own. Would have been cool to have a century type farm.
That’s how I started!!! I started walking on my great uncles land around 11-12 years old Started hunting at 13-14. He died when I was maybe 14-15 & he donated the land to the county. The other small piece he had was immediately sold & I was back to public land. That was the spark & fire that got me saving for land. My mission since I was very young. Hopefully my farm now will get passed down for generations.
this is overall a good article....
Somewhat “biased” in who is writing it with their business based in it but still very good.
So, i gathered the takeaway as...
“Most importantly to note, this chart is showing more than a 25% increase in the overall value of farmland since the second quarter of 2020! Of course, the land market is affected positively by other influences such as a low supply of available farmland for sale, low interest rates, and the rise in commodity prices that has ultimately resulted in asset inflation for the farmland market.”


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I anticipate money becoming available in the near future for things like “carbon sequestration” and “offsetting Carbon credits”. And I think it will be significant amounts. When this happens watch what happens to the price of pasture ground or marginal tillable. I’m seeing news articles and talk about this sort of thing. CRP money will be increasing soon because they didn’t fill their contracts, And the 30/30 executive order. Something to keep in mind. I don’t see anything coming that says to expect a price reduction.

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Rich guys like Robert Kiyosaki are buying up large tracts of forests so that they can sell carbon credits to businesses that will need them in the future. I plan on selling the credits to my 96. Good thing I just planted 1700 cedar trees!
I bought my 40 at the perfect time. 3950/acre in NW Iowa.
Just the right time early COVID.

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Congrats!!! That’s low priced in that region!

Anyone know income or payments for all this carbon credit stuff??
Or how to sign up for the carbon credit stuff?
Today is deadline for one of the carbon credit companies. Just need to send em ur tillable maps. It’s “pre-register”. You do NOT have to enroll later- just gets you option.
I would suspect if u don’t do that- there’s gonna be lots more chances in future. Lot more details will come with time to know if it’s great or “Eah- not worth it”.
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