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Let’s Eat! (The Ishi legacy thread)

Reverse Seared Venison Inner Loins

I found this new rub that can be used as is or mixed with beer to be a marinade.
It’s a newer rub and kinda hard to find without ordering from a website. They make six different rubs and the two I have are very good.


Mixed the marinade up and let them brew for 5 hrs.


Smoked for one hour then pulled while the grill reached searing temps.


Seared for 4 minutes per side


I’m learning my new pellet grill and the loins after slicing into one were still rubbing trees like rare/medium but so tender and great taste.


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Reseasoned the old CI skillet yesterday for deep dish pizza tonight. Pepperoni, cheese and sauce all came from Grazionos in Des Moines. The oven was set at 500 degrees for the 18 minutes cook! It was a nice winter night treat.




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Needed something to pull me out of my annual mid January depression.
Super easy.

Strap trimmed clean
Virgin olive oil
Heavy Montreal steak seasoning
Grill HOT (450-500) for 4 minutes, rolling it 1 minute per side untill seared.
Decrease heat to 325-350, flipping one more time at 90 degree internal temp.
Remove from grill at 122.
After 7-10 minutes, temp rises to 130-132.
I usually cut in after peak temp and 2 degrees cooling.

Do this with almost any cut and you'll never "grind up a deer" ever again!

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Been busy cooking and eating as grilling season is well underway.
Couple pizzas and the homemade dough is getting easier to make.



Poor man burnt ends

Small brisket


Beef back ribs and my first ever eating Lamb! The Lamb was gifted to us and a mint sauce was made. They were good and with the sauce both produced several flavors.




Homemade baked beans and twice baked potatoes



Smoked pork chops, jalapeño poppers and German Potato salad served warm

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Here’s the pizza dough recipe. So easy to make. I skip the garlic stuff
A fella on another forum said to add dry malt powder to the dough for added flavor, better poof, and a browner looking crust. 1/4-1/2 teaspoon. Buy at Amazon.
I’ve been baking them in a cast iron skillet at 500 degrees.
Dough, cheese, toppings then bake for 10 minutes then add warm sauce and cheese on top and go 8-12 minutes.
Pizza night Sunday.


Another pizza night with the extra dough. More traditional way, dough, cheese, sauce, toppings and baked 10 minutes then add cheese and go another 8-12 minutes. Crust so firm that a spatula on both sides and everything stays in tact on the transfer to the cutting surface. I don’t like cut marks in my skillets.

If you have a pellet grill and live close to a Theisans store they are having a great deal on pellets till Nov 15. 12.99$ for a 40 lb bag. Best deal I’ve seen for awhile. I’ve been using them for the last 5-6 years with great results.
10 bags for myself and 3 bags for my son. Smoke on!!

Was trimming and packaging some deer meat this evening and I got hungry. So I hacked off a 1/4 strap and spiral cut it to about 3/8 thick. Light coat of olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Grilled 450 for 60 seconds per side. Probably should have been 50-55 seconds, but it didn't even matter. Tender, juicy, delicious all the way through.

Too easy!!!

steak 4.jpgsteak 3.jpgsteak 2.jpgsteak 1.JPG
If you have a pellet grill and live close to a Theisans store they are having a great deal on pellets till Nov 15. 12.99$ for a 40 lb bag. Best deal I’ve seen for awhile. I’ve been using them for the last 5-6 years with great results.
10 bags for myself and 3 bags for my son. Smoke on!!

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Ishi what store do u live by? I tried looking online and no 40lb bags all were 20lbs and $19.99 a bag. Maybe sale is over?
It was in store only and sale was over November 15. They run a sale in the spring usually for 3$ off full price! If you live close to a Mills Fleet & Farm they have fall and spring sales on grilling pellets so check with them
When it comes to most of my cooking I’m a simple man. I should probably share pics more often because it always tends to look (and taste) phenomenal. First up we have a deer loin. Put it on the pellet grill at 225 and let it go til it hit 130 pulled off and let it rest for 5 minutes.

If you don’t keep your pheasant hearts, you need to. One of my favorite pieces of meat. Butterfly them out and add little olive oil with some salt and pepper. Sear em up and down the hatch.

I hear people all the time say “wild turkey is too dry”. That’s a lame excuse for saying “I don’t know how to cook.” I hate giving this recipe up because it’s so easy, almost a hack. So what you do is go to Walmart and buy a McCormick’s grill mates marinade package. I’ll tell you now there’s not a bad one. For wild turkey I prefer the Smokey applewood or garlic herb and wine mix. You bring it home take the mix follow the directions it’s like 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1/4 water and mix with the package. (I don’t tend to add the salt like it suggests.) Now put your breast in a one gal zip log bag and pour the mix in. Squish it around then lay in the fridge for 24ish hours (you can do it for 30 min and it works just the same). I set the grill to 225-250, before I do this though I take the meat out of the fridge and set it on the counter so it can begin warming up. When the grill is ready I pull the breast out and tooth pick the tenderloin part to the thin end of the breast to make it more even. Grill to 165 pull and wrap for 10 min. Then eat
We traveled to spend Thanksgiving with our son and daughter in law. Since they are in the San Francisco Bay Area, we did a sea food dinner: prawns, calamari steaks, salmon and black cod.

Back in Iowa, decided to try the new Z Grills pellet smoker on a turkey. Brined it over night, in the smoker at noon, just pulled it.

Tapatalk is making posting a pic harder than it should be, will try to add the pic after this post.

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Trying something new today. Whole front shoulder, spice rub overnight, seared this morning in flour and butter, laid on a bed of bacon, with a loose bacon blanket. Added sauted mushrooms, onion and garlic cloves, and topped with potatoes, carrots and broccoli and cover roast 3/4 with beef broth. Set at 200 and went to work. Will remove mush veggies at 10 hrs and add some fresh and eat at 11-or 12 hrs. Updates coming tonight. If it's anything short of amazing I'll be disappointed!



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