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Long night ahead...self medication underway


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So I shot a nice buck this afternoon at 4:30. Mainframe 10, didn't have time to glass long enough to spot any junk if there is any. I spotted him one draw away (125 yds) and grabbed the binos for a closer look. Could tell right away he was a shooter and oddly he was looking right at me as I peered through the 10x42's. Most of the deer had worked their way east of me and he was starting on a line to intersect the crowd. I decided it was time for desperate measures so I grabbed the rattling bag and hit off a single, somewhat short series followed by several chasing grunts. I then shut up and put the stuff away to avoid doing something stupid. A doe near to him spooked and ran off and I thought he was about to do the same. But he couldn't let it go and started working somewhat in my direction. At about the halfway point, he changed his attitude entirely and was fully committed and on the way. Ended up at 25 yds, I fired with a spooky doe in the background and connected on a slightly quartering to shot with one of those awww geez moments shortly after. Not bad but just slightly back of the sweetspot. Also, I hated to see that about a half shaft was still sticking out of the deer but in a pretty solid spot overall. Felt pretty good about it but in most situations, I'd leave this buck until morning every single time.

Seen the radar lately? Not good, so I decided I'd take up the trail after some dinner and a 3-4 hour wait. It was already raining and the blood was washing away quickly but I had a solid trail. I got about 100 yds into the piece he entered and for some odd reason shut off my light. It was at that point I spotted my Nockturnal (reviewed here last year---they rule) glowing like a beacon 20 yds ahead. I was praying to see it still sticking out of the deer but it was all alone on the ground. Then I noticed a couple more glowing items ahead of the nock about 30 more yards. Yep, eyes looking right at me...laying down, totally level. My wind was blowing directly into the animal so I can't imagine it being anything but the buck. I shut the light off, stood there for a minute dumbfounded, then turned the light back on shining it even further away from the deer this time, just barely catching it in the sidespray from the light. Same eyes, same spot, but seemingly still just slightly moving from left to right now and again. I promptly shut the light back off, and proceeded to back out quietly on the now soaked timber floor. Ideal sneaking conditions so...

A.) I'm praying it was him, can't imagine another deer letting me get 50 yds upwind with a light coming at them the whole way.

B.) I'm praying he stays there. Instinct says if he could run, he would have already. I think if I'd have went much further he'd have probably mustered the adryenaline to do the death run for who knows how long.

C.) Self medication = Sam Adams Boston Lager. I feel fortunate on one hand to still have a decent chance and my stomach's in knots on the other hand.

Time will tell I guess, thanks for reading a long story.
Good luck! I agree, if able likely would be on his feet and gone. Should be close if not right there. Keep us updated!
I agree, if that buck was going anywhere I think he would have before you got to 50 yards from him. I bet you find him right where you left him in the morning.
Yes, I agree with droptine because I've been in this same scenario. My deer died right where I left him. I have a very good feeling for your success...............ck
Good luck this morning! You did the right thing and he shouldn't be too far off from where you left him! Hope to see some harvest pics today!
Well guys, I'm afraid it's bad news, he was gone from that spot. I stomped out the area all morning and wasn't able to find him. All the blood was gone of course so it was just a random search. I guess that's hunting, hopefully things will turn around. Thanks for the well wishes.
That sucks. Keep looking and in a couple days get down wind and walk around smelling for dead deer. That's how I eventually found mine.. Looking around a water source is also a good place to look..
Judging by your shot placement, he must be dead. I hate losing a deer also, so I feel for you. I'd go back out and do another grid search.
sure hope it has all worked out for you.

I decided to pass on 33yd shot at my #1hitlist Saturday due to a quartering to (hard) angle.
Sorry to hear that, probably heard this already, but watch for crows or turkey vultures. Shot a doe during MZ season, went back to retrieve rattling antlers I'd left in tree and there were no less than a dozen crows working over what was left of the gut pile.
Same thing happend to me last night. Hit a nice 10 point,my buddy MRd tried to help me find it,rain came lost what blood we were finding makes ya sick.
Where are you located? There may be people on here that would come out and help you with a grid search. Did you look near any water sources?
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