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Long Youth Season ends in success for Charlie!!!


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I think it was about 16 hunts or so. Charlie said this is one of bucks he wanted to hunt for. This buck was 6.5. As big and mean as they come. Extremely dominant. He was almost exactly the same size last year minus the lil splits.
We saw him 3 other times but he stayed like 200+ yards away. He was extremely cautious & smart as expected. Every sighting was within maybe a 300 yard radius. Only got this buck on 1 camera all season. This trail cam pic below is about 100 yards from where we got him.

Last night we had “good wind” to hunt him. Not perfect but good. I brought my gun & Charlie brought his. Dang good thing!!!!…. We get up and the base of his scope mount is LOOSE!!! When we bought the gun a few years ago it got set up for us and I should have done it myself & used some medium strength lock-tite. Loose as can be. Swapped guns & he was ready.
About 7-8 does & some small bucks had been out. Very windy. Bit after 4 I see him on edge of cedar thicket. Charlie was ready as can be. (Later I asked him if he was nervous. …. “When we first saw him my heart beating out of my chest!!!! Then when made shot I was calm.”).
Took him about 70 yards to move in closer on the timber line of a picked corn field. When he got to 100 i told Charlie that whenever he’s ready & buck is broadside….
He made perfect shot!!!! Buck went down & was kicking so he pumped some more rounds in him. Didn’t end up needing it but he said “dad, didn’t wanna take any chances”.
Dressed around 200 lbs. Big mean old 8!!! Charlie said “dad, can I mount him?” So he’s getting mounted. He hunted hard for this buck. Lot of unsuccessful hunts & we still enjoyed those. Lot of fun. Good luck to everyone rest of season!







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Congrats! What bullet was he shooting? Looked like it performed perfectly
It’s some kind of Barnes that buddy loaded for me. Lot of bullets in past, say Hornady for example - didn’t mushroom well & leave big blood trails. Buddy got a certain type of Barnes tips (can do shotgun, ML, straight wall, etc) & they really seem to “blow stuff up” & nasty blood trails!!!
This is how I love to see youth tags used. A kid putting in the work and staying dedicated. LOVE IT! Congrats!!!!!
Congrats to you and your son. Very mature animal with some nice head gear. Very cool way for your son to tag out. Shows him persistence and patience does pay off in the long run.

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awesome, raising them right! What caliber?
That bullet is a .45 cal bullet. Thankfully we went up with 2 guns. We got in and his ruger scope mount base was loose!!! We had it set up & shot it maybe 100 times with practice & it clearly didn’t have any locktite in threads. Luckily I noticed right when we sat down & just passed him my gun when we got in. Far from first time I’ve had mount screws work their way out so I’m not sure why light or medium Strength locktite isn’t standard?!?!??????
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