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My Taxidermy Experience

Mr. Deeds

As much as I hate to be the one to complain on any part of the internet, especially about my personal experiences with another person. I feel as if this one is much needed.

I had harvested a turkey this year in April, the following friday I contacted a taxidermist near me about getting a fan mount done. He told me the price and to bring it up to him and he would get started on it right away. After picking out the plaque that I wanted he told me it would be done in 1 month (I dropped it off April 29th.)

One month had past and since I had not heard from him since I decided to contact him. Every month I got the same story that he had not started the project yet and it would be the next project that he would get too. I finally told him a couple weeks ago that if I did not recieve the fan mount I would be coming to get it last Saturday. I gave him the benefit of the doubt telling me it would be done this Tuesday.

I finally met with him on Monday night to get my fan mount, two minutes into having it home I was getting ready to mount it on the wall in the spot that I had selected and the fan literally fell right off the plaque. I noticed the one dot of hot glue that was on the plaque, and the horrible job gluing the feathers together as many of them were loose.

I sent him a text to let him know what had happened and he told me that as soon as I picked it up it was no longer his problem and that its a simple cosmetic fix and to go get a hot glue gun. Unfortunatley, I wasn't surprised by what he said. So for anyone looking for some taxidermy work this fall, I would avoid Keith Winkelman in Greenfield. I hate to make this out to sound like I'm slamming the guy, but poor quality work, horrible timing, and doesn't follow up with his work.



The large layer of glue wasnt't even stuck to the plaque. Hard to see, but the dot of glue on the plaque is smaller then the head of a q-tip
My taxidermist always jokes that his work is guaranteed for life....his life. I apologize I'm not a turkey hunter but I'm glad it wasn't a bad review on your deer. Fool me once shame on you.
Tell ya what. When you go to fix it, use either bondo or some 2part epoxy to set those feathers rather than hot glue. Much more durable.
Sorry to hear about that, I had a similar experience with a rack mount back when I was new to hunting and from the point forward Ive mounted most if my own mounts.

Fan mounts are really quite simple to do, even if you've never done one. Sounds like its still salvageable. Call Walnut Creek Hardwoods, order a SB6 turkey panel mount and put it back up on the wall yourself. That panel is extremely simple to use and looks good too. Send me a PM if you have any questions.
Looks like he expected hot glue to adhere to a sealed piece of wood. Never a good idea. If you were near me I'd fix that in a minute or two for you. Lots of ways you could fix it quick. I'd just put some leather/fabric over the quills and some small finishing nails/screws that don't go all the way through the wood into the material and it should be solid.
Sucks to hear man! I wouldn't consider it complaining, you're possibly saving someone else some misfortune and I'd be the same way in your shoes.
I fixed it myself with some super glue and tried cleaning up some of the feathers and securing them. All fixed now
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