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Nebraska bound!

Go up around Valentine and west of there lots of public ground up that way and nocking on a few doors doesn't hurt either !
Awesome man good luck!! Killed one in the snow with archery gear in Nebraska one time. One of the most memorable hunts ever!
Well I made it to where I will hunt tomorrow at least. I think there is good sign. I had to walk a little farther then I wanted to simply because there was another hunter hunting just south of where I wanted to be. I am definitely in better shape then years past!

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Sat for a few hours after finding THE spot. When the wind finally died down I heard a gobble. I waited a few minutes and called again. Another gobble. Several gobbles. Then nothing. 5 minutes later I had 3 Jakes come in. Decided to pass!

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I bet its a little more difficult to move around on the birds out there. Looks like you're off to a good start though. Good luck!
Where did you end up going? We killed hybrid eastern/merriam at Chadron SP and Pine Ridge in northwest NE several years ago. We brought decoys and tried to hunt them like back home but they never would come in to the decoys. We patterned them and set up in their path to kill um. Good Luck!
An all day sit produced 25 different turkeys in amongst my DSD.

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The story of the day was jakes. I saw 17 different little guys. Finally I caved and shot one in the head.

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I saw a tom about 3 miles away in the same spot I saw him last night. So tomorrow I will make sure I am set up over where he wants to be before he wants to be there!
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