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Need help


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I just shot a nice buck and I'm a regular reader of IWT. I'm can't figure out how to post pics with my story from my iPad. Can anyone help me out?
Create a photo bucket account if you don't already have one. Upload your pics to that account. When the pics are on photo bucket and you click on them there will be a list of URL's for each picture. Copy the image URL and paste it in your post here. That should do it.
Got as far as setting up photo bucket and downloading my photo's. Tapping them will not give me a URL. URL=http://s994.photobuc
Let me know if this works
Look to the right of the pics. Should be multiple links, one of which is labled "IMG". Copy/paste that one into your thread.



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He'll of a story. I'll update it soon. Work is getting in the way.

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Congrats, days like today, at least over here in SW Iowa it's nice to have a buck. Raining hard, all day. Corn isn't coming out anytime soon!

Good job!

So just spent an hour writing my story and when I hit post on my PC the screen went white. Frustrated. I work on a computer all day and this site really frustrates me. It doesn't make t easy to do anything.
If I get some of my patience back I will write it again. It is a great story and after spending the last two years reading this forum I considering different place to write my story

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