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New String


Land of the Whitetail
Its time for a new string on my bow. I bought a new Bowtech Insanity back in 2012 and after slinging I am sure several thousand shots through it the string needs replaced. Actually it seems like its still in great shape, I wax it quite often. Near the bottom cam though there is some wear and it looks like it is beginning to fray and the string is getting worn there.
I'm sort of happy, finally a good excuse to get some custom strings, maybe lime green I am thinking. I've never ordered aftermarket strings. Those with experience what do you suggest?
I ordered a set of Vapor Trail strings for my old bow. I'm not a bow string guru, but they did well for the couple of years that I had that particular bow after that.
Another vote for JBK. That being said if your not changing them yourself, or having a buddy with a press that knows what he's doing do it, I'd talk to your shop and see what they use and what they charge if the string come from them vs. if you bring in the string. There are many reputable makers out there now but screw ups still happen. Better the shop deal with the maker if they're installing it IMO. Make sure you keep the old one for a back up.
Anthem Archery in Decorah. You can see the different colors and option on the website. Everything I've had done there is top notch.
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