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I just bought some nocturnal lighted nocks, and they don't fit in my arrows. They are to small and I read the back of the package and they didn't say anything about what size they where or how they go in. I don't know if there to small or if I'm saoposed to do something to them.
They probably say Nocturnal X on the back of the package. These are for your axis, kinetic type arrows. (small diameter). If they say GT then they are for Gold Tips. If they say S which I'm guessing you need. They are for Carbon Express, Victory etc. (standard shafts). Hope this helps...
THE best lighted nocks out there !

Have to agree. Haven't shot a deer with them yet, but practiced a bunch with them. They would turn on shot after shot. Way more reliable than the lumenocks I used to have.
No other nock is in the same league. I am somewhat embarrassed to tell this story but I'm going to drop the ego to prove a point. I shot a deer last year and completly botched the shot off a twig deflection. Arrow ended up sticking in the rear flank of the deer pretty deep, I was sick about it. I stomped every brush pile and grass patch on the property for the 3 days that followed.

Walking back to the truck after an evening hunt 9 days later and I spot a flourescent green light bounding away in a spooked deer that was feeding near my truck and oddly it seemed healthy as the day it was born. Watched it go 150 yds and into the timber shining bright the whole way. Not kidding in the slightest. I hope they never change these nocks, they will be on every arrow I launch from now until the forseeable future.
I went to scheels to restock my supply of tracer nocks and was talked into trying these. Sure glad I did, I don't miss having to turn the nocks on and off.
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