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Non-Resident draw

I have a few family members that are wanting to put in for archery season next year. Can anyone fill me in on the process of applying for tags? Can they apply as a group or is it all individual? How many points is it typically to draw for the very NE Corner of the state (Not sure what the zone number is without regs in front of me)? Thanks in advance.
You need to apply individually. Back in the day I would draw with 0 pts. 4 years ago I got extremely lucky and drew with 1. A safe bet would be 3 pts though. The ne part would be zone 9. The cost of each point is roughly $50.
Application period is in May through first Sunday in June. Points are $55

They can apply as individuals or as a group.

Start buying points next year, currently you need 3 points to draw but the trend is heading towards 4. So they're looking at 2020 or 2021.
You can apply for muzzy and draw earlier. If I am correct on this, you can use bow or muzzy for that license.

If you have a farm to hunt with standing corn or soybeans--cold temps--it can be pretty good
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