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November 21st 10 point


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Odd numbered days in November have been good to me and I am starting to like the latter half of November more and more!

This fall has been one of the better bow seasons for me and marked my tenth year of bow hunting. After graduating college in May and starting a full time job, I became a weekend warrior and counted down the days of the work week always looking forward to the weekends. I didn’t hunt very hard in October but was out every weekend in November.

A few weeks ago one of my buddies offered to come hunt his property and we settled on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd so I could hunt with my dad and brother in early November. With the weather changing and the first snow coming on Friday I had high hopes for the weekend if we could make it down there. We took off Friday evening and slowly made our way south and got to his farm with no issues. The game plan was set and anticipation was high as this property has a history of some nice deer on it.

Saturday morning we got headed out and got setup about 100 yards apart. After a short time my buddy called me and wanted to change stand locations because the wind was bad. So at 7am we met up and headed to the other side of the farm. He gave me directions to hunt a stand along a creek and 40 yards after we parted ways I heard crashing to my left. Coming down the hill full bore was a doe followed by a big 10 point. My release was in my backpack and with no way to get it I watched them at 60 yards for a few minutes. When they left I hurried up and climbed into the stand.
With the help of the snow I saw good deer movement from the moment I sat down and took in the beauty of the morning.


Shortly after 8am I looked behind me and in the creek I saw movement. I quickly realized a bobcat was heading right past me. Without a fur harvester license I watched him ease down the creek directly below me.


I then saw a really nice 10 point cruising a field edge a few hundred yards south of me and a few smaller bucks bumping does nearby. At 9:30 I looked behind me across the creek and saw a big framed buck looking in my direction at 60 yards. I immediately froze as the wind was blowing in that general direction. After a few minutes he headed down the trail paralleling me and just before he crossed the creek I doe bleated with no response. As soon as he got out of the creek I grunted and he stopped. I grunted again and couldn’t see him respond. I waited about 20 seconds and hit him with another grunt. I then saw him turn and start heading my way quickly along the creek. He hit a fence opening and turned on the trail that was going to take him 12 yards from my stand. I drew as he passed in front of my and stopped him as he was slightly quartering away and let the arrow fly. Immediately I saw blood and knew the hit was good. He crashed through the thick brush in front of me and I watched him go down not 40 yards later. I thanked God and the shakes hit hard as I got on the phone calling my buddy, dad, and brother.

It was a hunt I’ll never forget as I saw 30 deer total with 10 different bucks and 3 shooters from 7am to 9:30 am. A huge thank you to my buddy for letting me hunt with him on his property!




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