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On the walk in.....


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Was on my walk into my stand at 9:30. Was going to sit the rest of the day till dark. Well I didn't quite make it.

The leaves were nice and quiet, I was slipping through the woods with such great stealth.

I spotted a doe moving through the brush so knelt down hoping she would pass by and not detect me. She works by with a second doe in tow behind her.

They were just about past when I hear a grunt come from where they first appeared

Sure enough they had a buck following them. They passed way out of range so I figured no shot would be presented.

To my amazement when the buck got to the trail I was going to go down he turned and headed straight for me.

Closing the distance and my bald head shinning he just kept coming and coming.

I'm made the call to take the straight on shot. Poor heat of the moment decision I know. I held the pin on the center of his chest and squeezed it off.

The hit was true and instant red. He wheeled around and ran off, slowing quickly and was out of sight.

Waited two hours and got on the blood. It was pouring out. He made it further than I expected just making it across the creek. My son was the first to make it across, I managed to swamp my hip waders. My son finding him was the highlight to me. My shortest deer hunt/season ever.

The Grim reaper did an awesome job.

Good luck to all.
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That's awesome! Every single time I am to and fro the stand, I think I might run into a situation like this but never in my life lol
Got it done! Nice buck!
I got majorly busted by a monster last night, cause i wouldnt take a frontal shot...

Woulda shoulda coulda...
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