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Opening morning bowkill

I had a whopping 15 minute public land hunt Monday morning. I set up on one of my kid's popular spots to bag a bird during youth season and had no idea what to expect. The only roost gobbles I could hear were a mile plus away. I planned a long sit so was happy something could walk by eventually. I figured fly down had happened so I probably better start calling. 1st call I hear an immediate fly down. 2nd call I get cut off by a gobble 80 yds away(Hell yeah!) Pause for a couple of minutes...One more call so he knows exactly where I'm at...and hear pfft boooom. It was the most spit drumming I'd ever heard one bird make all the way to the decoys. Put the rage in the sweet spot and bird piled up 30yds away. First tag filled! That's 2 hunts 2 birds, my oldest daughter is up to bat next, hope to keep the good luck rolling. This hunt was actually supposed to be hers but last second she found out she needed to practice Monday morning for getting inducted to the National Honor Society(I suppose that's more important:D). Therefore we're going to wait till crappy weather 2nd season for her.

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