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Oregon OTC Roosevelt, Mountain Lion, Black Bear, and Blacktail


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I'm looking for a couple (2-3) people to get together and come on a 10 day long elk hunting trip and a 5-6 day deer hunting trip along the coast of Oregon. You're gonna have to give me a couple days here to wait to see if I draw my Antlerless Moose tag in Colorado (unlikely) but other than that I'll be good to go. You have to be committed by June 26th, reason being access permits sell out quick.

First the Archery Elk hunt would be September 20 - September 29, you can rifle hunt bears during this time too, odds are good at seeing a bear.
Deer would be November 5-10, this is private land so wayyyy easier than when I went the first go around for 14 days.

1. You have to be able to pack an elk out, you can't skimp on this.
2. Renting an SUV and leaving from Denver, Colorado gotta pay in on that and pay for gas.
3. Gotta buy a private land access slip which is gonna be like $500.
4. Elk tag is $588 + $172 Hunting License, bear and mountain lion tags are $16.50. You aren't gonna see a mountain lion more than likely, but, it's an option for a cheap tag.
5. Deer tag is $443.50.
6. I'm planning on camping, but I have access to a cabin near a good chunk of landlocked public too.
7. You have to be minimalistic, coolers, sleeping bag, bow, gun, pack, and we can share a tent like a bunch of bozos.
8. *We might get screwed* Realistically fire season is the worst during archery season, that's why I'm planning later than earlier. But, I have like ten backup plans as this has been a long time planning.

You're gonna see elk, this is one of the highest OTC success rates in the state for Roosevelt Archery Elk. It's any Elk, so, you can kill a Cow, Spike, or Bull.
Didn’t make it on this hunt due to fires, my ten backup plans didn’t work out thanks to the large fires in the area.
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