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Palmetto state armory reviews


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Anyone out there have any feedback/opinions on PSA ARs? I am looking at buying an AR10 or building one and it seems like the PSA uppers/lowers/Complete rifles are pretty cost effective with good reviews online. Looking to use as a gun for doe management in high power counties with possibility of taking out west some day. Leaning toward 6.5 creedmor.
PSA makes a lot of their own stuff so it's good quality and keeps cost way down. I've ordered a fair amount from them. They practically give stuff away in their daily emails. I'd get a good trigger to swap out; geissele or laRue are great. Geissele is a lot for the money, but these laRue triggers are right up there at half the cost.


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I've built 3 of them, and they have all gone together great.. Accuracy was respectable, and never had a malfunction. I'd give them two thumbs up, especially for how affordable their deals are.
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