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Public land pressure

That’s because they don’t follow the laws.
Amen. Before I built my steel bldg I had a camper we stayed in and put an electrical hookup in; which was across from Amish. Couldn’t figure why my bill was so high when I wasn’t there. Amish plugging in all year Lol. Electric co confirmed it saying it happens all the time.

Then there’s the blind they built, attached to their phone booth they’re not supposed to have, facing my field. Another neighbor reported double digit deer shot in my field with a rifle. Dude gotta feed 12 kids all 10 months apart.

But hey nothing to see here. Thank God the bulk of my property is down the road. Still has an impact though.

Again, there’s bigger issues.
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Ok. Let’s form a religious commune. We’ll buy farms under the religious tax exempt moniker, pretend to be destitute,exercise zero respect for the law, shoot whatever whenever, and we’re good according to you ??? Lol. Maybe your Amish are vegetarians? They are residents though.

Listen, you can have em all. Maybe you should recruit them from my county. No problems. They’ll even let you hunt the 2 1/2 year old they didn’t shoot. Please, quit while you’re behind.
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Maybe they are coming from Pennsylvania?? They can’t even hunt Sunday’s in your state!

That’s an intelligent response. Truth be told these are residents who kill the hunting infrastructure if they’re near you. No problem though, it’s a RLO.
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They can't hunt Sunday's anyway. Ive seen them telling cops they can trespass because it's gods land. I've got stories for day's. I'm not sure where I was crying about hunting laws? This threads gone crazy lol
My wife and I bought a farm in Iowa in 2009. My wife is a native Iowan. She was born and raised in CR. She went to Buchanan Elementary and McKinley Junior High. Her family moved to Lisbon and she went to high school there.

She wanted to be closer to her family, but we could not find anything we could afford in Linn county so we bought down south.

We retired and moved to our ground in 2018. We have been welcomed by all our neighbors and have a lot of new friends.

Daver not knowing me from Adam came down to our farm and checked trail cams for me almost 10 years ago. Thanks again Dave !!!

I would have never landed in Iowa if it had not been for my wife, but I am glad I did. We love it here !!! I am now 66 years old and I plan to live the rest of my life in this beautiful crick bottom that we call home.

Now back to the OP's original question. I have found that a lot of public ground does not get a lot of pressure especially during the week. I am fortunate to be retired and I scout/hunt during the week quite a bit. I mainly hunt our farm and my neighbors ground, but I have also hunted some public ground. During the week I have never seen another bow hunter at least where I have been on public.

Most nonresident people think all you have to do is show up in Iowa and a 160" buck is going to step out at 20 yards broadside looking the other way. Wrong !!!! The hunting can be tough and you have to put in your time. I did 43 sits during the bow seasons.

In my opinion if a guy can hunt from Nov. 1st till Nov. 15th (on public) and not be too picky they have a chance to kill a pretty good buck. The not being too picky part is the key or you might be eating tag soup.
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