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Quiet Rain gear???


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Going on a Colorado elk hunt in Sept of 2013. The gear list from the outfitter says to bring Waterproof and quiet Raingear. I have zero raingear at this time. Anyone have any suggestions?

I bought some for my trip to WY in Sept. Luckily didn't need to wear it there but I have worn it here in Iowa since. It is not quiet.
I'll have to look to see what I have, but I got it at Sportsman's Warehouse in Phoenix several years ago the night before an elk hunt. Its fairly quiet and worked very well. We got rain, sleet, and snow on our 3 mile pack in and then I was able to get through some heavy mixed conifer and true fir forest areas pretty quiet. I also know that Cabela's has some really good stuff. I've heard that the Kryptek line of clothing is good, too.
Gamehide Raingear

I have a set of "Gamehide" in Mossy Oak. Lightweight (under 5# dry), comes with stuff sac and very affordable. It's not as quiet as wool, but it's quiet; and, best of all...it works!
bowGal said:
Russell outdoor's- APXG2-L5
raingear is also very nice,

X2. I also have a pair of the L5 Cyclone rain gear and its great. I have it in kings mountain shadow pattern. Big fan of that pattern.
The xps gear from bass pro is excellent, and very easy on the wallet. I took mine to Montana last month and it rained everyday. It worked flawlessly and is very breathable.
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