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Ready for 100 yard archery buck!


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I have to admit I am a very proud dad. Coached football for 18 years, and did my best to coach LIFE as much as football.
Now I am just "coaching" my boys in archery and still teaching math. In the video below at about the 3:28 mark I can tell Tackett is about to get choked up describing
what happened. For parents who have watched their kids achieve things they thought weren't possible you will understand how
emotional moments like this can be. We all had tears flowing when the dust settled.
Tackett and Wyatt had just gained a crowd of fans that were rooting for the 2 kids shooting among the men. They both made it 70 yards
and had Wyatt remembered to cut 1.5 yards off his sight tape due to new arrows he would have made it to 80.(he just clipped steel at top of foam insert)
Tackett made it in at 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100....no busted arrow.(if you hit the steel you are out)

Funny how some very small things can completely change your course in life. About 16 months ago Tackett bought this used
Mathews Vertix off of facebook. We met the guy at a Quicktrip. He also had a slider sight which was an HHA Optimizer. I figured it was
a "gimicky" sight but Tackett wanted to buy it too, so I said it's your money. A few days later we were standing in a bean stubble field making
marks on a blank white sight tape. Tackett walked it back from 20 to 90 yards on a small block target. That's when I knew I had to try to get
these boys into some 3D shooting.
Long story short a used HHA Optimizer opened my eyes to a gift Tackett and Wyatt have. Had we just kept shooting 20-40 pin sights, and not bought the
HHA slider,(we all three have HHA Tetra's now) I would have never known how Tackett(and Wyatt) could hold tight groups out to 90 yards.

I am a blessed man.

Well today they are ready to hit the woods after a real buck!
Hoping they can get lined out on a decent buck this year. They have both taken several does
with their bows, but so far no legal bucks have cooperated.
Good luck to everyone out there on tagging a good one this year.
Awesome. I see a big buck in their future!
They have both done well in the firearms department and big bucks.
They have done well in the archery doe department.
They have had zero luck over 4 years getting a decent buck in range. Zero shots, but I am betting when they get a shot a tag will be filled.:)
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